Literary Star

I feel like my last post was so lame.  Like who gives a shit, right?  But when you’ve devoted a website to yourself, you have to put stuff about yourself on it, obviously.  But who am I expecting to read it?  No one I guess, especially when Jezebel, (that vortex of things I was sort of thinking) is on the same Internet that I’m on.  So then why am I putting it out there?  Do I wish to be a literary star?  No, that’s like wishing I were a dragon–writers are more like clumps of asteroids who keep bumping into one another as they circle Portland or wherever AWP is next.

I think I post things here so that there’s a safe place for creepers who Google me to land.  If you’re reading this, you might feel awkward.  Don’t.  Feel welcomed.

I got more sleep than ever–12 hours or so–so I’m having a kind of Yossarian day–so logical it doesn’t make sense.

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